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Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial | Step by Step Directions For the Craft Challenged!

Alright moms. I have had several requests for a tutorial on these, since posting pictures from Caroline’s birthday party, so here it is! To give you an idea on time involved, I made 6 of these flowers, and hung them start to finish, in about 2 hours. All supplies were $8 total, and it added so much to my girls’ room. They absolutely love them, and I think they are stunning Minimal time, cheap, but a huge wow factor in a little girl’s room, or in a playroom!

To get started, you will need:

  • 8 sheets of tissue paper, for each large flower. The dimensions of my paper were 20×24 inches. (To make smaller flowers, cut three pieces of paper in half, for 6 layers)
  • Fishing line (or heavy
  • Scissors
  • Wall hooks

To start, lay the tissue paper layers on top of one another, unfolding if necessary. Fold all the layers together, like an accordion. Make your folds approximately 3-4 inches wide for the large flowers, 2-3 inches wide for the small flowers. It is not necessary to pay attention to the folds that are already in the paper.

Here is what your paper will look like when the accordion folding is finished. Don’t fret if the folds aren’t exact. It really won’t matter!

Find the middle, and tie your string around the center, cinching it just a bit. Keep one side of the string really long, at least as long as you will need for hanging. If you cut it too short, you will have a hard time finding it, buried in all the petals.

Here, I check it to make sure I really am in the middle. Otherwise, I will end up with a lopsided ball. If it is off, I readjust my string.

If desired, trim the edges of your paper. I like scallops, and those are the ones shown in the picture. A V cut looks pretty cool too, making for more of a spikey flower.

Gently unfold the accordion, and it is time to start separating the layers. One at a time, gently pull the first layer up. Then pull the first layer up on the other side of the string.

This is shown after the first layer is separated, on each side of the string.

Tears are going to happen. Don’t worry though, once it is finished, they will not be noticeable. If you have a lot, or if a large piece tears off, you can tape it back. It really won’t be noticeable in all the layers.

I finished the first four layers of paper. Now it is time to flip it over, and begin separating the remaining 4 layers in the opposite direction.

Once all the layers are separated, it should be round. Some petals may need to be readjusted, if it is a little lopsided. I suggest waiting until the flower is hung and in place, before doing a final fluff. You may also need to straighten the scallop edges, as they can get bent and folded over in the process.

There is certainly more than one way to hang these. I was hesitant to hang them from the ceiling, so instead I placed hooks on two walls, and stretched fishing line across the room. I then hung the flowers from this line.

I used these in the drywall, so that I didn’t have to use anchors. I found it at Walmart in the hardware section.

I started off hammering one into the top of the wall, near the ceiling. Oops, DON’T do this! It is impossible to remove without a little extra space. Shawn still hasn’t noticed it, but I am certain it will drive him crazy when he does! I then tied the string on the hook, and placed a small amount of clear tape to hold it in place. I stretched the string across the room, and knotted it to the hook on the other side of the room. I hung the flowers from this line, just knotting them in place.

Once the flowers are hung, readjust them as necessary, fluff the petals, and take a few steps back and admire your work! These look great in a bedroom, but they also make adorable party decor, hung from a chandelier. When making the ones below, we did fewer layers, mixed up the colors, and only pulled the layers in one direction.

On a final note, it is easy to adjust the size of the flowers by cutting the tissue paper. If you want to make smaller flowers, I like to cut 2-3 large pieces of tissue paper in half, and use these for small flowers.

I hope this is clear. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! If you enjoy mom humor, kid friendly recipes, mom friendly recipes (meaning they are fast!), digital scrapping, and other fun randomness, subscribe by email or RSS feed in the top right corner.

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Ali Smith - March 11, 2011 - 11:26 am

Wow! These are so great and will be a perfect addition at my soon-to-be two year old’s Pinkalicious bday party! Thank you for sharing! They’re so cute. :)

Cindy Hughes - March 11, 2011 - 2:08 pm

Love it!….

Lesley - March 14, 2011 - 12:59 am

Gorgeous! Definitely doing these for my daughter’s upcoming bday party. Thanks for sharing! :)

Paula - April 8, 2011 - 4:48 am

Amazing !! great work and , also , great idea !!!

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